Coming up: Reading Circle | Wealth of The Commons


The lovely ladies from Raum B have once again generously given us the use their beautiful bookshop and we are going to host another reading circle this Thursday, 7th of July, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. This time we will read and discuss a text on the commons and the peer-to-peer economy.

If you wonder what all that is, this is the right event to go to! :) There has been a lot of talk about the commons recently, and it seems the right moment to discuss what the term and its philosophy might mean – to individuals, communities, neighbourhoods, and nature as the greater context.

You can find the link to the essay we would like to discuss with you below: PEER-TO-PEER ECONOMY AND NEW CIVILIZATION CENTERED AROUND THE SUSTENANCE OF THE COMMONS by Michel Bauwens & Franco Iacomella. It was published in the book ‚The Wealth of The Commons – A World beyond Market and State‘ (Bollier, Helfrich, eds. 2012) under a Creative Commons license, so it’s free to download, spread, share, read and discuss, as long as it is credited appropriately. Don’t ya just love open-source knowledge sharing! :)

Can’t wait to see you there – we’ll save time at the end for another brainstorm on future classes!

Here the link to the reading material:

Photo credits: By Chri Strassegger (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Syrian Cooking with Bashar


We had such a lovely evening making a Syrian summer specialty, Musaka’a! Tomatoes, aubergine, peppers, and more – it was a feast of fresh produce! Each person brought along one or two ingredients, and together we prepared the delicious meal, thanks to the wonderful guidance of our cook / teacher, Bashar! When it came out of the oven, we sat around the table to share the dish together. Also, a huge thank you to Refugio for the use of their beautiful kitchen and, of course, to everyone who attended the event! Recipe to come…

Free-hand drawing | Freies Zeichnen


Yesterday evening we had a wonderful free-hand drawing course, held at the lovely Refugio Rooftop Café. A warm thank you to everyone who came to share in the creativity with us. Starting with blind partner portraits (only looking at each others faces, not the paper!), we shook off our perfectionist tendencies and created some fun Picasso-esque drawings! We then moved onto some croquis of our (clothed) impromptu models. We had so much fun and we hope you did too! We can not wait for the next one – watch this space !!

Kicking off – Die erste Saison hat begonnen


(German version below)
The kick-off event at bookshop Raum B was a nice and intimate round of international Neuköllners who all brought lots of enthusiasm and interest along. We started out with a short introduction of the project and went on with some skill sharing cards – little yellow cards showing examples of skills and knowledge that could become classes. By reading skills out loud and discussing if participants could teach them (or knew anyone who could), it quickly became obvious that we all have a lot to share.

The session was continued with a reading circle of Paolo Freire’s opening chapter of his book ‚Education for Critical Consciousness‘ (1974). The text and discussions it fostered offered inspiring perspectives on everybody’s agency to think critically, act, and through that have an impact on our realities. We discussed terms such as ‚historicity‘ (the ability to be aware of past, present, and future), what ‚epoch‘ we find ourselves in and how technology and the internet offer dangers and possibilities. What influences our thinking? How can we make critical choices in a complex world flooded with information? What makes us object and how do we become subject? And what does all this have to do with Kiezacker? We arrived at the conclusion that all of our everyday acts and decisions are political and that we find ourselves in a time of societal transition. Each individual has influence, which can be enlarged by connecting with others. The internet bridges the digital with the local – so we look forward to a thriving community of sharing and learning as part of the transition!

As a next step, we started planning sessions for the upcoming weeks. Everybody wrote down what they wanted to learn on blue cards and what they would like to teach on pink cards. All cards were placed on a table and voted on together. We are in the process of organising most popular suggestions and will publish more information soon. Here, you can see some impressions of the event.

Until then, we already welcome you to our next session at:

Sharehouse Refugio, 16.6.2016, 6:30pm, with a class yet to be announced :)

See you there!

Das erste Treffen im Buchladen Raum B war eine eine nette internationale Runde von Neuköllnern, die alle viel Begeisterung und Interesse mitbrachten. Wir begannen mit einer kurzen Vorstellung des Projekts, gefolgt von einem Spiel, bei dem inspirierende Beispiele für mögliche Kurse auf kleinen gelben Kärtchen vorgelesen und diskutiert wurden. Dabei wurde schnell klar, dass jeder jemanden kennt, der genannte Fähigkeiten und Wissen unterrichten könnte, wenn nicht eine* aus der Runde. So viel Wissen schlummert in uns!

Der Nachmittag wurde fortgesetzt mit einer Leserunde des ersten Kapitels von Paolo Freire’s Buch ‚Education for Critical Consciousness‘ (Erziehung für kritisches Bewusstsein, frei übersetzt). Der Text und die darauf folgenden Diskussionen boten inspirierende Sichtweisen auf jedermann*’s Handlungsfähigkeit und Kapazität, kritisch zu denken, zu handeln, und dadurch auf unsere Lebensrealitäten wirken zu können. Begriffe wie ‚Geschichtlichkeit‘ wurden diskutiert (die Fähigkeit, sich Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, und Zukunft bewusst zu sein); Fragen wie in welcher „Epoche“ wir uns momentan befinden, und wie Technologie und Internet sowohl Gefahren als auch Möglichkeiten bieten. Was beeinflusst unser Denken? Was macht uns zum Objekt, wie werden wir Subjekt? Und was hat das alles mit Kiezacker zu tun? Wir kamen zu dem Schluss dass alle unsere alltäglichen Taten und Entscheidungen politisch sind und wir uns in einer Zeit des gesellschaftlichen Wandels befinden. Jedes Individuum hat Einfluss, welcher durch die Verbindung mit anderen größer werden kann. Das Internet überbrückt das Digitale mit dem Lokalen – somit freuen wir uns auf eine lebendige Gemeinschaft des Teilens und Lernens als Teil der Transformation!

Als nächsten Schritt haben wir begonnen, die Kurse für die kommenden Wochen zu planen. Jeder* schrieb auf blaue Kärtchen was er* gerne lernen würde, und auf pinke was gerne unterrichtet werden würde. Alle Kärtchen wurden auf einem Tisch ausgebreitet und gemeinsam abgestimmt. Nun sind wir dabei die beliebtesten Vorschläge als Kurse zu organisieren – mehr Infos folgen bald. Hier einige Bilder vom Event. 

Bis dahin heißen wir euch schonmal willkommen zu unserer nächsten Session im: 

Sharehouse Refugio, 16.6.2016, 18:30, bei einem noch undefinierten Kurs :)

Bis bald!

Kiezacker Season #01 Kick-Off | 07.06.2016

Soon, we will start into the first season of Kiezacker at the wonderful bookshop Raum B in Wildenbruchstraße 4, 12045 Berlin, on Tuesday 7th of June 2016, starting from 4:30-6:45 pm. The meetings will continue to take place every first Tuesday of the month at the same location. Welcome to come by, we look forward to having you.

Kiezacker Intro | Skill sharing | Lesekreis Paolo Freire’s Kritische Pädagogik | Sign-up for future classes

Languages: English-German, according to need and wishes of the participants